The Covid-19 pandemic meant that a lot of people had to work from home and their offices were temporarily closed. This meant that employers had to find different ways of working – Zoom meetings and online training have become the norm.

This means that businesses can rethink how they use their offices as the trend for flexible working and home working is set to continue. For any business that has large numbers of staff, this can mean going from rooms with rows and rows of desks to creating more interactive, smarter working areas. Companies are set to evolve a great deal over the next few years, as more and more people start to use the time that they previously spent commuting more productively and creatively.

Planning the space

Talking to staff about how they can work most effectively will give the best viewpoint on how it is possible to move forwards with a redesign. Maybe they would prefer some designated ‘quiet’ spaces in the office, where people can work without phones ringing, no loud conversations and no interruptions. Maybe they would prefer meeting spaces to be far away from the main working areas of the office. Maybe they want more areas for relaxed conversation – social spaces where they can have a coffee and a ‘non-work’ conversation with colleagues.


It stands to reason that any company that is reorganizing its space needs to rethink its furniture needs. If more quiet spaces are being created, there is less need for rows and rows of desks. For the relaxed social spaces, sofas and comfy chairs are a much better choice. Why not use Ikea sofa covers to protect them? You can expect them to be used a great deal, particularly at lunch and break times and having something that is easily cleaned makes it easier to keep the environment attractive to staff. Ikea sofa covers are also great value for money, so buying several sets would be a good investment. Your Ikea sofa covers can also be matched to the decor of the office,

Improve productivity

Businesses should also consider if standard desks are the best way to encourage productivity among the workforce. The use of adjustable, standing desks is beginning to increase and studies have show that staff will have better concentration if they are able to adjust their desk as needed. It helps with the slump that many members of staff experience in the afternoon. These desks are also a good idea for those who have health issues – they are useful for those who suffer from back pain and other mobility issues – and will help the employer to meet its obligations to support staff who need reasonable adjustments in the workplace.

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