Anyone who works in managing a business will know that productivity can be the key to success, so it’s crucial that your workforce are being as productive as possible whilst in the office. Continue reading for some tips that can help make your office space even more productive.

Have The Right Equipment

This may sound fairly obvious, but it’s not always the case that workers will have all of the right equipment needed to do their job as best as they can. Outdated computers that run slowly, keyboards with stiff keys, phones that don’t always work – and many more – can all have a large impact on the productivity of an office, hindering employees in making efficient progress. Updating pieces of equipment such as computers can be costly, especially when many are being replaced, but the benefits that can be gained through having fully up-to-date technology that runs efficiently can be huge and make the initial costs well worth it. Just as a team can only truly be as effective as their weakest player, a business can only be as efficient and productive as the tools and technology it has at its disposal to get the job done.


You may be of the opinion that employees are in the office to work, not stare at the walls and appreciate how nice they look. However, the decor of a room can play a role in changing someone’s mood and the right choice of colors can boost the productivity of a workforce. This may sound too good to be true, but psychologists have long been researching the impact that colors and the decoration of rooms can have on our wellbeing and have established the pallets that can most effectively give our moods a lift. Other decorative ideas besides color can be to incorporate plants into the office environment. When a worker spends long periods of time sitting indoors in the office, it’s natural that they can feel disconnected from the outside world and the air can feel more stuffy. Using plants is a good way of bringing the outdoors into the office, giving workers a connection to the nature outside and freshening up the air – they also look great too! And with apps such as planta it is easier than ever to learn more about your plants and how to keep them healthy and looking their best.

Work/Life Balance

Many people long to achieve a more balanced approach to their work-life, and to allow themselves more free time to do the things they enjoy and spend time with family. An overworked workforce is known to be slower and less effective at doing their jobs, as they’re often feeling drained and underappreciated. Speaking with employees about how the business can better accommodate them and their wishes for a work/life balance can lead to a more productive workforce in the long run, even if it does mean providing more time off. A happy worker is a productive worker!

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