In the last year, a huge number of managers have suddenly had to adapt to having team members working hundreds of miles away from them. This has made tasks that used to be very easy, such as assigning pieces of work or just keeping an eye on an employee’s day-to-day performance much more difficult.

Thankfully, there are a number of tech solutions available that can help managers to get back on top of things and make life easier for the people that they manage. In this article, we’ll explore a few of the options that are available and how companies can deploy them to improve collaboration and the overall performance of their team.

Avoiding meeting overload

One of the biggest issues that remote workers have encountered during the COVID-19 pandemic is the feeling of meeting overload. This is primarily because many conversations that could once have taken place in five minutes over a coffee in the office have turned into 30-minute formal meetings that have to be scheduled in the diary. These can be avoided by scheduling regular, informal catchups where issues like this can be raised. Catchups often work best when they involve fewer people so scheduling them between teams and working groups is often a good idea. If a formal meeting is required be clear about the purpose and don’t be afraid to end it early if the purpose of the meeting has been fulfilled.

Distributing information

Making sure that documents have been distributed (and more importantly read) by everyone in a team can be a nightmare for HR teams that were once able to speak to every member of staff on an individual basis. An intranet is often the best way to manage this type of situation. Platforms such as make it easy for even small businesses to set up repositories for their critical information and update documents and other key pieces of information whenever required. Some intranet platforms also come with additional features that allow staff to collaborate, get to know one another and share ideas. This can be a great way of making sure that remote workers, who may never have had the chance to meet some of their colleagues face-to-face do not feel left out of the company culture.

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