The internet came with zillions of opportunities; no other invention has ever done the same. Thanks to this invention, we have what is known as Well+Good. Now let’s delve into the real thing.

It looks obvious right now (2019), but about ten years ago, the massive beauty and health business which is taking over the online world today could easily be written off. Yes, space had some momentum, but health firms were not as pronounced on the internet as they are today. Despite that, however, two entrepreneurs in the name of Melisse Gelula and Alexa Brue, (journalists then,) were able to see what other people could not see at the time; an opportunity to start Well+Good, a platform for health and wellness. It takes a genius eye to see some business opportunities, and yes, these two entrepreneurs were indeed genius.

The platform, which now boasts a monthly readership of at least five million, is a successful publication whose primary focus is on health, travel, exercise, beauty, wellness, and nutrition. The company, which started with only a small team, has now at least 40 people working for it, and its annual revenues run more than eight figures.

There is almost a countless number of other platforms in the same business, yet most of them have not managed to reach the heights of Well+Good. So, what really sets the company apart? A closer look at the founders of this company reveals that besides delivering high-quality content for their readership, they also put a lot of effort into upholding the company’s influential culture of working together as a team, with a common goal of making a difference in the lives of their audience.

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