Night Owl Cleaning Services was founded by Arlete Turturro, a merchandising professional with a degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology. She is also licensed by the Queens College to engage in real estate. However, she does not work in real estate or fashion anymore. This is all thanks to her cleaning company, Night Owl Cleaning Services, which has been in existence for almost three decades.

Night Owl is a perfect story of small business success. Having started small, the company now offers an array of services, (e.g. round-the-clock emergency services and provision of party attendants), on top of commercial cleaning. In 2004, Arlete received the Woman of the Year Award by the Westchester Business Journal, a recognition which she actually deserved.

Lessons Upcoming Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Turturro’s Success Story

It is possible to plan for a particular future, but end up in a completely different area, just like Arlete’s case. She switched fields a couple of times before landing on what would work for her, and this paid off. Upcoming entrepreneurs should understand the importance of being open and flexible, to take advantage of new opportunities which could transform their lives.

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