You don’t expect people such as Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, (as they are today), to start small, but there are some entrepreneurs, (most of them indeed), who believe in starting small and working their way to the top. Leroy Bautista is one of those entrepreneurs who started small.

Having worked in various catering companies, high-end restaurants, and commercial kitchens for two and a half decades, Leroy decided to venture into what most of his friends and colleagues had been advising him to do; make and sell his own vinaigrette and sauces at local markets. It was this opportunistic necessity which gave birth to what is known as Nic & Luc.

Nic & Luc started by selling only a couple of flavors, but today, the company sells close to twenty varieties, which can be found both online and at offline local markets. What makes Leroy’s business different is the fact that none of their flavors contain artificial ingredients. The firm uses local natural produce to create their products. While profitability is the main objective of any business, it is essential not to forget other companies around you. They will definitely scratch your back if you scratch theirs.

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