The world of business has changed a lot in recent months due to the COVID pandemic. One of the most significant changes has been in the clothes that people choose to wear when they work. The end of the daily commute and spending all day at work means that a lot of people have decided to adopt a more casual wardrobe for their trips to the office. This has been a massive opportunity for websites like, which have found a whole new market for their products.

It’s not just what people wear that has changed but also the way they work. Even when people can return to offices after the worst of the pandemic, it looks as though things will be very different for most workers.

The first big difference will be the commute. Surveys show that many workers want to avoid the daily commute when they first return to work. The other significant change will be in companies’ expectations about what can be done remotely. Now that many businesses have been forced into a remote working model, most have discovered that the office is not as essential to their business as they previously thought. Many are seriously considering changing the way that they will use the space that they are renting. Overall, it looks as though many changes will be coming to the world of business, and some companies stand to benefit from this.

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